Crafts Xpress is a DIY Blog dedicated to ideating and creating DIY crafts. It’s a platform for aspiring DIY craft learners, budding artists and experienced professionals who understand the value of being a DIYcraftsperson and prioritize DIY crafts in the highest possible way in their lives.

Crafts Xpress exists because this world needs more non-conformists, mavericks and free thinking artists who are able to put forth their art exactly as they wish and feel like without fear.

– Deepika Jangra

The Story


Crafts Xpress is a blog formed after years of struggle, strife and commitment towards DIY art and crafts. It’s a response of an artist surrounded by a world constantly soaked in insenstivity and despair.

Crafts Xpress is the antonym to everything dark. It represents colour, joy, happiness, cheerfulness  and freedom.



In a world that tries to conform all beings, the artists stand out by means of innovation. Crafts Xpress stands in utmost respect of all artists worldwide. It is an attempt by me to showcase more and more diversity in art so as to embrace all aspiring DIY artists and crafts personnel.

Crafts Xpress Workshops

I’ve been helping and tutoring young impressionable minds to learn art & crafts and thus commit to creativity.

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