Hi. I’m Deepika Jangra.

I am the happy Founder of Crafts Xpress. I have been making crafts of various kinds, types and formats since childhood. My love for crafts is so deep that I’ve prioritized them over my academic degree in Computer Science. My passion for DIY crafts is increasing by the day. This blog is an effort to share my artistic skills with all aspiring and committed DIY artists globally.




I’ve been devoted to DIY crafts from a long long time. I still remember how I first created a birthday card for my teacher at the age of 6 or tried a hand at knitting with the help of broom sticks at the age of 8 or even indulged in candle making at a time when it wasn’t a contemprary fad.

I am truly, madly, deeply in love with DIY crafts because they help me be my true self. They have been my support system during my growing years as a teen, delicate years of marriage and even hormonal years of pregnancy and child rearing.

My passion for DIY crafts have even assisted me during the crucial time of my life threatening accident. I was able to rebounce back because being commited to DIY all these years made me seek independance no matter what.


Now an Attributed Blogger

Debut Piece Featured on YourStory

My debut piece entitled, “COVID-19 – A Rare Chance to Become an Inspiring Homepreneur” has been published and featured on YourStory – India’s top media tech company for startups & change makers.

Write-up published on Youth ki Awaaz

My write up entitled, “Becoming A Homepreneur During A Global Economic Meltdown” has been published and featured on Youth ki Awaaz – One of India’s leading social content platform.



All thanks to being a DIY Crafts Blogger, I have had the opportunity to make a connect with talented folks from around the planet. From budding artists to really young craftspersons to tribal art personnel to DIY specialists, my blog welcomes one and all. I intend to make Crafts Xpress as a one stop platform for people to visit, engage, learn and implement all things imbibed here. A world full of artists is a joyful world.


Crafts Xpress is a lovely place for anybody aspiring to learn DIY crafts. Deepika is a self trained artist whose years of experience will most certainly help a lot of people. I look forward to seeing this site grow by leaps and bounds. I wish Deepika my best.

Divya Sarjolta

DIY Crafts Expert

I’ve known Deepika for quite some time now and seeing her work has left me dumstruck. She is extremely talented and I feel proud of mentoring her to be able to come up with this current blog. The world will fall in love with Deepika’s ideas and crafts.

Akriti Mattu

Founder at Budget Wayfarers

Beging a DIY Blogger, I extend full support to Deepika’s Crafts Xpress. To make crafts on one’s own is a beautiful skill and knows no limits. And hence Deepika is doing a commendable job from the past so many years. Sending her positivity and grace.

Poorvi Tiwari

DIY Jewellery Blogger

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