My 8 year old son made a beautiful star out of paper recently. And so, I instantly thought why not write a blog about  how kids can make a paper star!

Therefore, I would love for all of you to encourage your own children to try making paper stars at home. Trust me, they’ll love it and you’ll get to spend some productive recreational time with them. And we all know how important craft and creativity are for our kids.

How To make paper star in easy steps

How Can Kids Make a Paper Star – Let’s Learn

Did you know that all it takes to make a paper star for kids is one cut and a few folds ? 

Also, I have uploaded a video for easy and quick 3D paper star, And surely, you will like it!

Easily Available Material Required To Make A Paper Star

So let’s learn by reviewing the material required first –

  • a sheet of paper. You can use scrapbooking paper, Origami sheets, Old Book Pages, Dictionary pages etc.(Here I am using 80 GSM paper)
  • some scissors
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Glue and paper thread (Optional: If you want to make a garland)
materials required for paper star

Finally, It’s Time to Learn Paper Star Making – The Easy Way

Step 1: Choose Your Paper

A square piece of paper is versatile in paper folding craft. As you know many paper folding kids crafts start with square pieces only. So, you can buy it from a craft shop or you can create your own square piece with any rectangular piece of paper.

Step 2: Prepare The Square Sheet

If you already have a square sheet then skip this step. First of all fold the upper right corner of your paper diagonally. And you can see some extra piece of paper that is not covered in that fold. Then cut this extra piece of paper and you will get your perfect square sheet.

Prepare the square

Step 3: Fold Your Paper into Half 

After getting your square sheet, fold it into half vertically. Now you have a rectangular shaped folded sheet. All the folds are going to be very easy so that kids can easily remember the folds.

Step 4: Fold The Upper Corners

Now hold your rectangular piece of folded paper vertically. And fold the upper right corner forward diagonally and unfold it again. And do the same process with the upper left corner. Therefore, you will get crossed like creases on the paper.

fold the square into half

Step 5: Fold Lower Right Corner

Now see the meeting point of previously made creases and fold the lower right corner forward  to this meeting point.

Fold lower right corner

Step 6: Fold Lower And Upper Right corners

Furthermore, Hold the previously folded paper and fold it downward. After this, hold the upper right corner and fold it along with the previously folded lower-right corner.

paper star folding

Step 7: Flip the Folded Paper 

Now flip the paper and further make one more fold through the middle of the paper horizontally. And you are very close to completing it.

flip and fold paper star

Step 8: Make a Straight Line on This  Folded Piece of Paper

After that mark a straight line a little diagonally to this folded paper piece of paper. 

draw a line on the folded paper star

Step 9: Cut Through The Marked Line And Unfold It

Now cut through this marked line. Be careful during this step, maybe your child need your help in this step. In this kirigami star, this is the only step where we needs scissors. So it is important to be there around your child while they are working with scissors.

cut and open the paper star

Create A Variety of Paper Stars with Just One Cut

This last step but not the least one is very much important as it can make or break your mood. Right? I am just kidding, but seriously this last step is the most important one.

A) The more diagonally you cut the folded start, more deeply cut star you will get.

B) You can do some creativity with your paper star by just making it in different sizes and colors and you can arrange them in overlapping them in different color combinations.

easy paper star

Remember: it is VERY important that you be careful while cutting your star in the last step, because this is the step where most people go wrong and end up with a pentagon instead of a star!

Craft is such an amazing stress buster that you feel calm and focused during and after the craft activity, So why wait, start doing this with your kids, students or grandchildren! If you have any query, you can simply connect with me with the comment below.

Express Your Craftivity!😊

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