Easy Diwali paper crafts for adults are some of my favourite craft pieces to decorate the house around the festive season.

We all love to decorate our houses on the special occasion of Diwali. What if I tell you, that you can create the Diwali decorative pieces at home? Doesn’t it sound exciting? Believe me, it is as easy as it is exciting.

In my blog, I will share with you 13 paper craft ideas that you can try this Diwali. These are really easy to make and need minimal supplies. So, let’s get started.

Easy Diwali Paper Crafts for Adults

13 Incredibly Easy Diwali Paper Crafts for Adults to try this festive season

A couple of years back, while scouting the market for Diwali decoration, I was really annoyed by similar-looking and overly expensive decorative items. It was then that I first decided to make my own Diwali decorations.

Here I intend to share with you 13 ideas for easy paper craft for adults. By the way, I have a couple of ideas for children as well. These are the crafts that I first started making. These are incredibly easy and some of these paper crafts can also be made by kids.

1. Diwali Paper Kandil
2. Diwali Wall Hanging 
3. Diwali Paper Diyas
4. Paper Plate Rangoli
5.  Diwali Paper Toran
6. Crepe Paper Flowers
7. Diwali Bookmarks
8. Diwali Cards
9. Diwali themed photo frame
10. Diwali Rocket
11. Diwali door Hanging
12. Diwali Themed Wrapping Paper
13. Paper Cup Diwali Candle/ Diya Holders

Brighten up your home with an easy to make Diwali Paper Kandil 

Diwali is a festival of lights and nothing says Diwali, more than a lantern.  These are one of my favourite decorations for Diwali. Although, you can use it for any other festival as well.

Paper lanterns are easy and fun to make. With minimal effort, the lanterns can be made in minutes. Although you can use any paper for making these paper lanterns, I would suggest buying construction paper as they hold shape better.

Once the lantern is ready, you can decorate it the way you like. The easiest way to decorate is by using glitter pens and tiny stars.  Your paper lanterns are ready to add the festive vibe to the house.

Adorn your house wall with a beautiful, yet easy to make paper Diwali Wall Hanging

Diwali wall hangings are really easy to make. The time and effort needed in making the hanging will depend on the size of the hanging.

The simplest one can be made by joining diyas of different sizes. Create a big diya using cardstock paper and a few mini diyas. Once the diyas are made, decorate them with glitter and colours.

After the decorated diyas are dried, join them using coloured wool or any other thread.

Make a bunch of these effortless multipurpose Paper Diyas for Diwali 

Paper made diyas are one of my most used item every Diwali. I use them to make garlands, stick them onto Diwali gifts and sweets.

There are many ways of making these diyas. Also, the best part is that you can use any kind of paper for making these diyas.

You can use a corrugated paper sheet for making the simplest diyas.  Although, if I had to choose my favourite, I would choose the one where diyas are made by folding the paper.

Decorate your entrance with this easy and unique Paper Plate Rangoli this Diwali  

The essence of every Diwali is a rangoli. If you are not good at making the Rangoli, the traditional way, fret not! Paper plate rangoli is what every beginner needs.

What you need to make this Rangoli are some coloured pens or paints, glue and some fresh flowers. You can also use paper flowers to decorate the rangoli further.

Try this paper plate rangoli this Diwali. I am very sure; you will totally love it.

Try this super fun and easy- peasy Diwali Paper Crackers Toran 

Crackers are synonymous with Diwali. However, let go of those pollution creating crackers on Diwali. Instead, make paper crackers and use them as a garland for decoration.

My older kid (who is 8 years) loves making these paper crackers with me. These are super fun to make. Make little crackers with paper including

It sends out a great message as well. Encourage your kids to make it. These can be used for decoration around the house. I usually put it on the side of my door.

Easy Diwali Paper Crafts for Adults

This Diwali, try the simple Crepe Paper Flowers, that won’t wilt away 

Who doesn’t like flowers for decoration? Make colourful flowers that won’t wilt. Making these flowers is really easy. All you need is some glue, some crepe paper, thin wires or sticks and scissors. Once you have these supplies, you are ready to create these beautiful flowers.

I recommend using Crepe paper for making the flowers. They come in a wide range of colours. Choose the colour that matches your home interiors.

If your flowers have stems, you can stick them in a vase, otherwise use them as decorations for making Diwali garlands.

Gift your reader friends some handmade paper Diwali Bookmarks

If you are a reader, Diwali bookmarks are the perfect craft for you. Make Diwali themed bookmarks for your books.

You can send these Diwali bookmarks to your friends and family members who love to read. These bookmarks are easy to make and all you need is some colour pens, glitter and cardstock.

Trust me, making these bookmarks will not take much time and will be ready in minutes.

Send best to your loved ones on these easy to make Paper Diwali Cards

Diwali is the time for celebration and spreading joy. Send your loved ones handmade Diwali cards this time. What I love most about handmade cards is that it adds a personal touch to the greetings.

I would suggest that you use cardstock for making these Diwali cards. Alternately you can use corrugated paper.

In today’s digital world, sending out handmade Diwali cards is very rare. You will love the overwhelming responses you get from the receivers.

Fill your home with memories using Diwali themed photo frames

Diwali is the time for families to come together and share a good time.  So, decorate your house with family photos set in a Diwali themed photo frame.  This is the simplest among Easy Diwali Paper Crafts for adults I have shared here.

You need cardboard, coloured paper, scissors, glue and some great family photos.

Try this super fun and easy Paper Rocket this Diwali

These are again a favourite of my kids. These are super easy to make. Try this super easy paper rocket craft with your kids.

You need some coloured construction paper, some coloured ribbons to make this rocket. Once they are ready, you can them over to your kids to play with. I also use them as a decoration for my kids’ room.

Enhance the look of your front door with an easy to make paper door Hanging

It is a given for every Hindu household to decorate the main door of their house. Instead of buying one at the market, I insist that you make it at home.

You can add different designs, different elements to your door hanging to make it stand out in the neighbourhood.  

I would suggest that you use construction paper and corrugated paper to create your very own and unique door hanging. Just get these papers, some glitter pens, and some coloured wool and you are all set for the festivities to start.

Try something unique yet simple Diwali Themed Wrapping Paper

Gifts are an essential part of the festival of lights. So, try not to use the same old red, golden and silver wrapping papers. I suggest you create your own wrapping paper.

You can use a plain wrapping paper or simple brown paper and add to it some Diwali themed objects.

The simplest idea is to take a thread, to this stick some diyas and tie this to the Diwali present. It cannot get simple than this.

These useful and easy Paper Cup Candle Holders can come handy this Diwali

Last but no the least is yet another minimal effort easy Diwali Paper Crafts for adults. Take a few paper cups, colour them, decorate them and cut them. That’s it! These act as great candle and diya holders.

Not only do they look beautiful, but they also serve a useful purpose. It will not allow the candle wax or diya oil to stain your surfaces.

why to make paper crafts at home

4 Reasons to try these Easy Diwali Paper Crafts for adults

Now that I shared with you the ideas of easy paper crafts, here are a few reasons why you need to indulge in creating these crafts.

These are what come to my mind:

  1. Give your Diwali a Unique look

Diwali is all about decorating your house. Most people buy the market made goods, which more or less look the same. You can give your house a unique look by creating some offbeat decorative items

  1. Save money on Expensive decorative pieces

Buying decoration from the market can prove to be expensive. A nice decorative piece in the market can easily cost over 200 INR. You can instead save that money and use it to create multiple decorative pieces at half the price.

  1. Unleash your creativity

Unleash your creativity by indulging in making these papercrafts. You will feel less stressful and happier. I can say this with my own experience.

  1. Decorate according to your needs

Creating Diwali paper crafts at home allows you to decorate the house according to your own needs and taste. For instance, you can match the paper Diwali decorations you make with the colour palette of your home or with the things you are most fond of.

I hope you liked my Easy Diwali Paper Crafts for adults. Do try them this Diwali and let me know in the comment section what you like the best. In case you have anther idea to share, I am more than happy to hear.

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