Easy Diwali paper crafts for kids are some of my easiest craft pieces that should be perfect for your kids who are just starting out crafts.

Kids love the festival of lights, Diwali. Involving your kids in decorating the house this Diwali is a great way of engaging them and unleashing their creativity.

In my blog, I will share with you 11 paper craft ideas that you can try this Diwali with your kids. These are really easy to make and need minimal supplies. So, let’s get started.

Diwali Paper Crafts for Kids

11 Truly Easy Diwali Paper Crafts for Kids to try this festive season

A couple of years back, while scouting the market for Diwali decoration, I was really annoyed by similar-looking and overly expensive decorative items. It was then that I first decided to make my own Diwali decorations.

Here I intend to share with you 13 ideas for easy paper craft for adults. By the way, I also have easy crafts to make for adults as well. These are the crafts that I first started making. These are incredibly easy and some of these paper crafts can also be made by kids.

So, whether you are a teacher or a mom of young kids, these ideas can come in handy when you want to involve your kids in some fun Diwali activity:

Diwali Paper Lantern with handle
Paper Cup Diwali Candle/ Diya Holders
Diwali Sticker for Gifts  
Crepe Paper Flowers
Diwali Paper Plate Diyas
Paper Plate Rangoli
Diwali Cards
Diwali Bookmarks
Diwali themed photo frame
Diwali Rocket
Paper Plate Diwali Wall  Hanging

If you additional ideas for making Diwali crafts, feel free to share them with me. It will be a pleasure to learn from all of you.

Let kids make their own Diwali Paper Lantern with handle

Nothing says Diwali, more than a lantern.  These are one of my favourite decorations for Diwali. Although, you can use it for any other festival as well.

Paper lanterns are easy and fun to make and kids can easily make them. With minimal effort, the lanterns can be made in minutes. Although you can use any paper for making these paper lanterns, I would suggest buying construction paper as they hold shape better.

Once the lantern is ready, add a paper handle to it. You can ask your kids to decorate it the way they like. The easiest way to decorate is by using glitter pens and tiny stars

Ask kids to help by making these easy Diwali Paper Cup Candle Holders

This is a minimal effort easy Diwali Paper Crafts for kids. Take a few paper cups, ask your kids to colour them. Later cut them and encourage your child to decorate it the way they like.

Once that is done, help them cut the cups. That’s it! These act as great candle and diya holders.

Not only do they look beautiful, but they also serve a useful purpose. It will not allow the candle wax or diya oil to stain your surfaces.

Involve your child in making some simple Diwali Sticker for Gifts

Gifts are an essential part of the festival of lights. Get your kids involved in this wonderful tradition by asking them to create the stickers for Diwali gifts.

The task is simple. All the kids need to do is to create Diwali themed objects like crackers, diyas or lanterns from paper. Later you can use it to write out the names of the recipients on the Diwali gifts.

These can be made by using either construction paper or card stock. 

Encourage your little ones to make super simple and colourful Crepe Paper Flowers

Kids will love making these flowers. This activity can be done by kids as young as 4 or 5. The only help they might need when making these flowers is drawing out the shapes on the paper

I recommend using Crepe paper for making the flowers. They come in a wide range of colours. Choose the colour that your kids like.

This is also a great colour learning exercise for kids

If your flowers have stems, you can stick them in a vase, otherwise use them as decorations for making Diwali garlands.

Ask kids to try these Astonishingly easy  Diwali Paper Plate Diyas

Paper plate made diyas are one of the easiest on my list of easy Diwali paper crafts for kids. This requires minimal effort on the part of kids. Very young kids can also do this activity easily.

All you need for this is some glue, paper plates, colours and scissors. Once the basic diya is complete, you can ask your kids to decorate it the way they like.

These diyas can be used by kids to decorate their room. They will absolutely love it.

Easy Diwali Paper Crafts for Kids (1)

Help your child make the stunning and simple Paper Plate Rangoli

The essence of every Diwali is a rangoli. You cannot expect a child to create a rangoli, so let’s get them involved in some other fun way.  Paper plate rangoli is the solution.

Creating this rangoli is as easy as colouring on a book. Just help your kid by drawing out the design on the paper plate and let them take care of the colours.

Try this paper plate rangoli this Diwali. I am very sure; your kids will totally love it.

Encourage your child to send greetings to friends using these simple Diwali Cards

Diwali is the time for celebration and spreading joy. Ask your kids to give their friends handmade Diwali cards this time. What I love most about handmade cards is that it adds a personal touch to the greetings.

I would suggest that you use cardstock for making these Diwali cards.

You child will love creating these cards and so will the friends that received them.

Inculcate reading habits in your young ones by letting them create their own Diwali Bookmarks

Give your child’s reading habits a push by asking them to create Diwali themed bookmarks.

They can even use these Diwali bookmarks as a gift to friends and family members who love to read. These bookmarks are easy to make and all your kids need is some colour pens, glitter and cardstock.

Trust me, making these bookmarks will not take much time and will be ready in minutes.

Diwali themed photo frame

Diwali is the time for families to come together and share a good time.  So, decorate your house with family photos set in a Diwali themed photo frame.

The best part is that your kids can create this photo frame easily.   This is the simplest among Easy Diwali Paper Crafts for kids I have shared here.

You need cardboard, coloured paper, scissors, glue and some great family photos.

A fun way for kids to spend Diwali is making instead of bursting some Paper Rockets

These are again a favourite of my kids. These are super easy to make. Try this super easy paper rocket craft with your kids.

You need some coloured construction paper, some coloured ribbons to make this rocket. Once they are ready, you can them over to your kids to play with. I also use them as a decoration for my kids’ room.

Let your child decorate her/his own room by making this simple Paper Plate Diwali Wall Hanging

Diwali wall hangings are really easy to make even for kids. I strongly advocate the use of paper plates for kids who have just started out their crafting journey.

If your kids want to make a big hanging, this can be a good collaborative activity.  The hanging can be used by using construction paper and paper plates.

The kids will be thrilled when you use the wall hanging made by them as a Diwali decoration.

Diwali Paper Crafts for Kids

3 Reasons to try these Easy Diwali Paper Crafts for kids

Now that I shared with you the ideas of easy Diwali paper crafts for kids, here are a few reasons why you need to indulge kids in creating these crafts.

These are what come to my mind:

  1. Unleash Your Child’s creativity

Unleash your child’s creativity by indulging them in making these paper crafts. It will help to unleash their creative side. Also, they get some off time from the electronics, so that’s a plus.

  1. Giving your kids a sense of accomplishment

Allowing kids to create Diwali crafts and using them as decorations during the festivities gives them a sense of great accomplishment. It really boosts up their confidence.

  1. Great Learning exercise

Cutting and choosing papers for making these paper crafts can be a great learning exercise for your kids.

I hope you liked my Easy Diwali Paper Crafts for kids. Do try them this Diwali with your kids and let me know in the comment section how it turned out.

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