“How to make small paper roses” is the definite idea which comes in most of people’s mind when they want to give any personalized handmade gift to their loved once. And specially when they want to make the gift more memorable.¬†

If you are a beginner and think that making pretty roses is not so easy , do not worry. I am here to guide you in the direction of making easy paper roses.  Even as a beginner you can make these very neatly. 

Making a small paper rose takes very less time and the difficulty level is less as well. You can use these pretty roses in adorning cards, photo frame, wreath, bouquet, and gifts wraps.

How to make small paper rose

How To Make Small Paper Roses Easily?

There are many methods of making small paper roses. And every method has its own significance. But I am going to show you the most easiest technique to make paper roses.

I am going to  teach you small paper roses with rolling method. You can make these roses purely handmade or with the help of cutting tool too. But here, I will go with the rolling method.

By the way, you can check out my giant paper rose tutorial as well. Making rose is always gives a cheeriness on my face. Surely, you will also feel the same. 

Essential Supplies Required For Making Small Paper Roses

Here are the list of materials required to make small paper roses.

Material required for small paper rose

Pastel Sheet

Take a colored pastel sheet. Pick up the color of pastel sheet according to your choice for making small paper rose. 

A circular object or compass

Any circular shaped object for marking circles on pastel sheet is required. For example it can be any lid from your kitchen container or you can use compass. 


Use any good quality glue. Or you can use any glue tool for quick results.


A pair of scissors of medium size will be needed. Make sure they are sharp.

Toothpick or Pencil

A tooth pick for rolling out paper rose will be needed. In case you don’t have a toothpick, use a pencil.

Black Pencil

A pencil for marking the circles will be required.


Scale for the measurement of the diameter of the circle. For a little bigger rose you have to take a little larger circle and for a little smaller rose you have to take a little smaller circle.

11 Simple Steps For Making a Small Paper Rose

It’s time to get started and learn as to how to make a small paper rose in easy steps.

Step 1: Place a pastel sheet on your working table

Firstly, take a pastel sheet of any color you want. I usually use red colored pastel sheet.

Required size of the pastel sheet depends on the numbers of flowers you want to make. For example A3 size sheet is sufficient to make 6-8 small roses. 

How to make small paper rose

Step 2: Mark a circle on the pastel sheet with the help of a circular object

Take any circular shaped object for making the circles on pastel sheet. I usually use a lid form one of my kitchen containers.

Place the circular object on the pastel sheet and then mark a circle with the help of pencil.

How to make small paper rose

Step 3: Cut Circles out of the marked shape on the pastel sheet

After marking, cut out circles by using scissors. You will need one circle for one rose. So cut the number of circles according to the number of roses you are going to make. The diameter of my circular cut out is about 11 cm.

How to make small paper rose

Step 4: Make a Spiral shape on the circles

Now that you are ready with the circles, mark spirals on the circles. Spiral shape is like a coil.

How to make small paper rose

Step 5: Cut along the spiral shape

Now cut the circles according to these spiral path you have just made on your circles. When you pick up outer end of this cut out, it will look like a spring.

How to make small paper rose

Step 6: Mark a petal like wavy structure on  the spiral path

Starting from the outer end mark a petal like small structure on this spiral path. Or simply you can make wavy line through this spiral path.

How to make small paper rose

Step 7: Cut the petals on spiral the path

Further, cut through the wavy curve. After cutting circle like this, now you are very close to completion of your rose. 

How to make small paper rose

Step 8: Roll The Circles

After getting these spiral shapes cut out, pick outer end of this cut out. Put one end of a toothpick on it. And start rolling it in inward direction while paper will start wrapping around the toothpick. Likewise just roll out complete spiral shapes cut out till the inner end.

How to make the small paper rose

Step 9: Apply Glue to the inner end of the spiral

Hold your rolled paper carefully and take out the toothpick from it. Now apply glue on the inner end of the spiral shaped cut out. Paste the rolled part on glued part  .

How to make small paper rose

Step 10: Hold And Wait

After pasting, you should hold the rose for a while. If you are using glue tool, you have to hold it for a few seconds. But if you are using glue you have to hold it for a little longer.

How to make small paper rose

Step 11: Let the Rose Dry

Wait few seconds while holding the rose. And let it dry. And now your pretty small paper rose is ready.

How to make small paper rose

Why I Chose Rolling Method For Making Small Paper Rose ?

There are so many different ways to make pretty roses.  But I chose the rolling paper rose over other methods because it is very easy to make for  you as a beginner.

Of course you can choose any other method as well. But I can promise you that while using this method you will find the outcome alluring. Not all the other methods will  give you such wonderful results while making small roses. 

Lastly, but most importantly I want to tell you one more remarkable quality of this method – You can make even minutely tiny rose out of this.These roses can then be used in adorning jewellery.

Watch out for Crucial Mistakes while Making Small Paper Roses

There are certain mistakes you should avoid while making small paper roses. 

Never use a crepe paper

For making small paper rose, you should be careful about choosing the right paper. For example you can take pastel sheet, chart paper but surely not crepe paper. Because rolling method does not dive desired result with crepe paper.

Not Choosing a right quality glue can be erroneous

If you are using any ordinary glue then you have to hold the rose a little longer seconds while pasting rather than using glue tool.

Mark Spiral Carefully

Mark spirals on the circles carefully. Else, if you made any mistake at this step, it will be harder for you to proceed.

Be mindful of the appearance of the small rose

If you want give a tightly packed appearance to your petals then do not make your hold loose while pasting the rose. But if you want a loosely packed appearance to your petals you have to make your hold a little loose while pasting the rose.

Wait for some time while Pasting the Rose 

Wait for few seconds while pasting the rose. If you leave it then you will loose your rose. 

Holding the Circle While Cutting is crucial

While cutting the spiral, focus on the movement of the hand holding circles.

I hope after reading my blog, you will be better equipped and versed at making small paper roses. If you have any queries, do leave them in the comments section below.

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