How to make templates for giant paper rose  is the obvious thought which runs through your mind if you want to make a giant paper rose. It might come across as a huge obstacle. However, it isn’t that hard to create.

I’ve designed my own templates for a giant paper rose at home. It is simple to use. You will be able to recreate it easily yourself.  In my current blog, I will help you understand the procedure for it.

So let us get started now and learn how to make varied templates for creating a giant paper rose at home. If you get stuck with questions, you can post them in the comments section at the end of your blog.

How to Make Templates For Giant Paper Rose

 How to Make Templates For Giant Paper Rose Easily?

Making a giant paper rose template from scratch is not so difficult as most people think it to be.

Now it might be easier for you to download printable templates and take prints out of them. However, those commercial templates cannot be customised. And therefore, by creating a template at home you will be able to both, create and customise your template.

In case you would like to learn how to make a giant paper rose at home easily, feel free to read another blog of mine. There I have explained the complete process of making giant paper roses step by step using pictures.

Supplies needed to Make Templates For Giant Paper Rose

For making templates for your giant rose,you just need a few things. The complete list has been given below.

materials required to Make Templates For Giant Paper Rose

Light weight paper 

You need any light weight paper like printing paper, any notebook paper, chart paper, or even newspaper. You need this for drafting temporary one template.

Hard paper

You will need any hard paper or heavy paper for drafting your permanent templates. This could be any cardboard, heavy cardstock or you can use any old invitation card paper.


Any medium sized scale for  measurements of the templates.


Any pencil for draw outlines.


A medium sized scissors for cutting purpose.

8 Quick Steps to Make Templates For Giant Paper Rose

For making giant roses, you will need to go through 8 simple steps.

Step 1: Prepare a square sheet

Firstly take any light weigh paper. Then mark a square of size 15 cm * 15 cm on this paper with the help of scale and pencil. 

Secondly, cut this square piece out of it. It will give you a perfect 15 cm * 15 cm square.

prepare a square sheet

Step 2: Fold the square

Furthermore, fold this square piece into half. And by doing so you will get a rectangle shape of size 15 cm * 7.5 cm. You are going to draw an outline for your very first template on this rectangular piece only.

Fold the square sheet

Step 3: Mark the outline

Hold this rectangular piece vertically. Now mark 6.5 cm line along with upper edge and 2 cm line along with lower edge of the paper. Furthermore, mark 6.5 cm vertically from upper-right corner of the paper. Lastly, join the end of this line and bottom line(2 cm one) diagonally. 

See, you are ready with the desired outline for your templates.

mark the outline to Make Templates For Giant Paper Rose

Step 4: Draw with free hand

After marking above specified outline. Just make a free hand curve along with the previously drawn outline to give a petal like shape. See the image below. 

draw a curvy line with free hand to Make Templates For Giant Paper Rose

Step 5: Make cut along with free hand curve

Furthermore,After draw free hand curve as previously mentioned, cut out the template from that rectangular shaped sheet along with the curvy line.

make cut along with the free hand curvy to Make Templates For Giant Paper Rose

Step 6: Smallest template is ready

Now your smallest template for your giant rose is ready. It is 15 cm in length and 13 cm wide. Also, 4 cm wide across the bottom. 

Trace this smallest template on hard paper or any cardboard with the help of pencil or any marker pen. Then cut this template out of traced cardboard piece.

Finally, your very smallest template is ready for further use. You can trace as many as petals with the help of this template very easily.

your smallest template is ready

Step 7: Make bigger one templates

For making other templates you have to just broaden the outline of the smaller templates by 2 cm from each side.

Firstly, place the smallest template on the other cardboard piece for tracing one size larger template. Secondly, place the scale horizontally on the smallest template and mark 2 cm wider mark on both side.

Thirdly perform the same while placing scale vertically. It will increase the total width of the new template by 4 cm and length also by 4 cm. Lastly join all these four marks to make 2 cm wider path around the smallest template.

You are ready with your one size bigger template.

your small template is also ready

Step 8: All the templates are ready

Same like previous mentioned procedure you can make rest of your templates very easily.

For example,If you want templates for medium sized petal, then just place template of small size on the cardboard and trace 2 cm broader boundary than the small template.

For the large template, place medium sized template and trace 2 cm wider boundary than the medium template and so on.

Please see the image below.

all the templates are ready

Now with the help of these templates you can trace as many petals for your giant rose as you required very easily. So you are ready with your own templates to make giant rose.

Giant Paper Rose Templates are Ready – Tadaaaaaa

The templates for your giant paper rose are now ready. They were easy to make. Weren’t they ? Now with the With the help of your very first template you can make templates for remaining petals also.

trace all the petals

Useful Tips for Making Giant Paper Rose Templates

Whenever you are struck with the question of, “how to make a giant paper rose template” – always keep a few tips in mind.

Use Knife Pen rather than Scissors while using cardboard

If you are using cardboard then it would be more better to use knife pen rather than of scissors. Reason being, it is a little bit difficult to cut a cardboard with scissors.

Focus on the movement of your hand

For smooth cutting, focus on the movement of the hand in which you hold the paper rather than scissored hand.

Make tracing more convenient

Certainly, it will be more convenient to trace templates with the cardboard than any paper. 

Broaden the outline of your templates

You can make changes in size and variation as per your requirements. For this you have to just broaden up the outline of the templates by 1 cm or 2 cm as per your choice of the size of the petals.

Do a little variation in free hand drawing

You can easily make changes in the types of templates with minimum variation. For this you have to just do a little variation in free hand drawing after making the outline for your templates. As a result you will get a different type of template.

I hope that you were able to learn and enjoy making giant paper rose templates. By learning the procedure for these templates, you can design a different variety of templates for your rose petals.  Lastly, and most importantly do not forget to write me about your any query and suggestion.

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