How to make small paper rose using paper strips is an obvious idea that runs through the everyone’s mind when it is a matter of making easy and fast paper rose. If you are also feeling the same, then you are at the right place.

My first attempt with these adorable roses was very amazing even though i was a beginner at that time. I am sure; this post is going to amazed you too.

Here in this blog, I’ll share with you how to make small roses using paper strips with easy and quick steps. So, if this is your first attempt you can make these very conveniently. You will surely like these adorable small roses.

How to make small rose using paper strips

How To Make Small Rose Using Paper Strips ?

There are lots of other ways to make paper roses but this method is super easy. And if you are looking for an easy yet breezy paper rose then you are very near to discover it.

For these paper roses you need not to be worried about sizing of petals, templates and their cutting but only need a paper strip and some repetitive steps.

Soon you will understand that how easy these are.

These small roses look very cute and charming, takes very little time to make. It took me 1 to 1.5 minutes to complete one rose.

I have uploaded a video for these beautiful and easy roses, And I am sure, you will love watching it!

Supplies Needed To Make Fast and Easy Small Paper Rose Using Paper Strips

As I mentioned earlier these small roses are very easy to make and less time taking. Just like that supplies needed are also very limited and easily available.


You can take any types of paper. But certainly, a flexible one,  not so hard. Here i am using a simple orange colored pastel sheet (80 lb card-stock). You can use any paper in between 65 lb -80 lb card-stock for your roses.

You can use a simple chart paper also if not found the above one.


 A dark color pencil for marking.


Use any good quality glue.


A pair of medium size scissors.


For the measurement of strips.

Materials required for a small rose using paper strips

Easy To Follow Steps to Make Small Rose Using Paper Strips:

There are so many ways to make small rose but this time i am going to tell you a rose with paper strip.

Step 1: Take a sheet of the paper for preparing strips

Here, I am using pastel sheet for preparing strips. You can take any paper but surely a flexible one i.e a card-stock in between 65 lb -80 lb, not the hard one.

I am taking different colored sheets like pink, white, yellow and orange. You can take any color of your choice.

Different pastel sheets for small paper rose

Step 2: Measurement of the strips 

First of all prepare the strips. For this you will need a 1.5 * 30 cm strip for one rose. So take the strips according to the number of roses you want to make.

So, mark width and length of the strip on the paper with the help of pencil and scale. 

Measurement of the strips for small paper rose

Step 3: Cut the strips along the marked line

After marking, cut the strips out of paper. Cut all the strips one by one as per your requirement.

Cut all the required strips one by one with the help of scissors. Surely, you can cut all these strips with the help of paper trimmer if you have that.

Cut the strips for small paper rose

Step 4: Make the first fold of the paper strip

Take a strip, hold its one end in your left hand by putting your thumb on it and rest of the strip in your right hand. Next, fold the strip down in backward direction with your right hand.

Your fold should be start after 2-3 cm of the strip which you hold in your left hand. Therefore, you can use this extra portion of strip as a holder while folding your rest of the strip.

This holder will be very convenient for you while making of this rose.

First step on how to make a small rose using paper strips

Step 5: Now move to the second fold

Look at the length of folded edge of the strip, your second fold should be start from the middle length of this folded edge.

Now fold the strip in backward direction with your right hand.

second fold

Step 6: One more fold to make it the third one

Next, again fold the strip in backward direction just like the previous fold. 

Till now we just made total three folds.

Third fold

Step 7: Now roll, roll and roll it till the third fold

After three folds, start rolling the folded strip in inward direction which you hold in your left hand. Roll your strip till the third fold you have just made in previous step.

Above all, do not forget to hold your rose with a firm grip. Otherwise you may lose your beautiful rose center.

Roll the folded strip to make small rose

Step 8: Fold the strip in backward direction And Roll it

After rolling the strip, till the folded portion. Just hold rolled portion of the strip in your left hand, fold the next portion of the strip in backward direction with your right hand as you have folded it before.

Fold the strip in backward direction and roll it for getting your small paper rose using paper strips

Step 9: Repeat, repeat and repeat till the end of the strip:

Furthermore, just fold the strip in backward direction and next roll it. Similarly, repeat this step until you have not reached to the end of the strip.

See, how simple it is. You need to remember just two main steps first is fold in backward and second one is roll. Is not is simple? Of course it is.

repeat the steps

Step 10: Cut extra piece after folding the entire strip

After reaching at the end of the strip, just cut that extra corner of the strip. Now you are about to finish your rose.

Surely, you are very excited to see the final outcome. 

Cut the extra piece of paper

Step 11: Apply glue to the end piece of the strip

Now, apply glue on the last folded portion of the strip. You can use any glue or hot glue.

apply glue to finish your small paper rose

Step 12: Lastly, paste that portion in the back side of the rose

After applying glue, paste that last folded portion of the strip to the base of the rose.

If you are using glue, you should hold the pasted portion for a while. For quick drying of the pasted portion you can use hot glue. 

Step 13: Finish the rose by fixing that extra 2-3 cm portion of strip

At last, apply some glue again to the base of the rose and paste that 2-3 cm extra portion of the strip(we used that for holding purpose) and cut the extra piece.

Now your charming and cute small rose with paper strip is ready.

Beautiful small roses are now ready to blossom:

Yes! Finally, your pretty small rose is ready to blossom. See how pretty they are? 

You can use these roses as a gift packing decoration, decorating a photo frame and even with some leaves you can decorate your wreath. You can also make these leaves very easily. See how.

pretty small rose using paper strips

3 Types of Small Roses Using Strips You Must Try

Small rose with fabric strips:

You can use any type of fabric to make strips. For example you can use cotton, satin, or even denim. And can make these small roses with the fabric strips.

It will surely enhance your dress, shoulder bag, even cushions also. There are enormous ways to use your stripped roses.

Small rose with satin ribbon strips:

Even with a satin ribbon, you can make roses very easily with the same procedure. And you can use these satin roses to decorate you hair accessories, your dress and many more stuff.

Here I am showing you may hair accessories with these small roses. Look, how adorable is this! Is not it?

If you want to make more types of easy and charming small roses, you can check here.

Small rose with foamiran strips:

Foamiran stripped rose is also a good option when you want to try some different looking roses with the same procedure. These look extremely charming and beautiful.

For example, if you want to make a fluffy rose for your wreath or roses for your shoulder bag decoration, use the foamiran stripped roses.

Kid Friendly Craft

Kids always enjoy doing crafty stuff. It enhances their creativity a lot. Surely they will enjoy this craft as well. (So let them get hands on these) So let’s try them  to make small paper roses.

Certainly, crafts make kids more mindful and cheerful. Therefore they always feel happy while crafting. 

Most importantly, steps involving in small rose using paper strip are so easy that kids can easily follow them.

Above all, this craft can be a family craft, then for what you are waiting to make these gorgeous small roses with your family.

Interesting DIY Ideas with Small Roses Using Strips You Should Know:

There are enormous DIY ideas with these cute roses. I am presenting you few of them. Just check it out. You will surely like it.

In the decoration of your wreat
Enhance the look of your hair accessories
Give a different look to your family photo frame
Try unique paper jewellery with these small roses
Decorate your gift pack
Enhance the beauty of your vase
Arrange a adorable bouquet

DIY uses of small paper roses

Useful hassle free tips to make small roses more perfect and beautiful

Although steps involve in small rose using paper strips are very easy and repetitive but following tips make your task easier and hassle free.

1. Use flexible paper for making strips:

Paper for making rose using paper strips should be more flexible or light weigh so that during folding of the paper it would not tear.

2. For a little wider rose make folds with a little greater angle: 

While folding the strip in making paper rose, initially fold the strips at an angle of 45 degree (i am just giving you an idea about it). After 3 folds, fold the strip with a greater angle to make your rose a little wider.

3. When you loosely hold a rose:

If you hold your rose with a little loose grip then there may be chances of loosely pack center rose. So if you want your rose center a little dense the hold the rose a more firmly.

4. To make rose center a little more dense:

If you want a little denser rose center, then just twist this extra 2-3 cm portion and you will get a beautiful more rose center for your rose, if somehow you lose your rose center.

5. Holding of rose should be a little firm while making it:

Hold your rose with a little firm grip because it will give you a beautiful dense rose center.

6. Use a hot glue for quick results:

Use good quality of glue so that you can easy paste the end portion of rose and hold it for a while otherwise you will lose it. For quick result of pasting you can use hot glue.

7. Keep all the strips ready:

Keep all the strips ready before start making flowers.

8. If the paper is a little harder it will become a little tricky to make folds:

Always use a flexible paper so that you can easily make folds. But you take a little hard paper, strips may get tear while folding.

9. Use double sided paper for more variations:

You can use double sided paper to make your strips. It will give a different look to your roses.

Why you must try hands on paper craft | Paper folding is a good stress buster:

Paper folding is a good stress buster- Yes, I agree as whenever I do paper craft, feeling relaxed every time.

Do you remember that your own very first paper folded boat and sail it in a rainy water? Paper folding is not only just for children but also any age group can try to enhance their mindfulness.

Surely, you are curious now that how this simple paper folding craft can enhance your mindfulness- Right? It is do so because when you are creating something with paper folding, you would be more aware what is happening in the present moment.

Similarly, mindfulness is a process of focusing on present moment. This is how Paper folding is a good stress buster.

I hope you enjoyed a lot these small paper roses using paper strips. Also the related idea. So try these roses with your family and kids. If you stuck anywhere, you can simply connect with me with the comment below. Happy crafting.

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