How to make a paper heart with message- Is this question tingling in your heart? Yes! So, you are in love and want to that person to feel loved and special.

Personally I really like  to make cards for my dear once. Handmade cards have their own charm and beauty. They reflect your feelings towards your loved once.

In my current blog, I will explain you how to make a paper heart with message in easy and detailed manner with step by step pictures. So, even if you are a beginner then in next 10 minutes you are going to be an expert of this paper heart card.

A Simple Guide To Easily And Quickly Make A Paper Heart With Massage

There are lots of card making ideas and techniques for making a paper heart with message, But here in this current post i will explain you the most cute and easy DIY heart card. If you are looking for a paper heart card for Father’s Day then you must check my other blog.

If you are a beginner and just starting to make your own handmade heart cards then you can easily make your very own paper heart card with this simple technique.

Making this paper heart card is very simple and quick one. I am sure you will love it. Certainly you are ready for detailed tutorial for making your own. So, why you are waiting? Here we go!

Easy To Find Materials For Making Paper Heart With Massage:

To make this paper heart you need very limited craft supplies. Most of the supplies needed are available at your house only. Let see what these are:


You can take any paper of (65 lbs -80 lbs). Paper with this specification is perfect for DIY greeting cards.

Here I am taking three colored sheets white and red. You can choose according to your choice of colors.


Take any medium sized scissors for cutting sheets.


A medium sized scale for the measurements.


A dark pencil for mark and draw lines.


Use good quality glue.

Black or Brown Marker:

Take a black or brown color marker.

Any Circular Object:

You can take any circular shaped object to mark a semicircle on our sheets. And instead of this you can use compass if you have that.

10 Easy To Follow Steps To Make A Paper Heart With Massage

Till now I am sure you are ready with all your supplies. I personally love to give and receive greeting cards, of course most of you also like the same.

Step 1: Take White Sheet of Paper To Prepare a Square Out of it

First of all, take a white sheet. Here I am taking pastel sheet. Secondly, prepare a large square piece out of it. For this measure a square of  30 * 30 cm on this white sheet with the help of scale.

Step 2: Cut The Square Out Of White Sheet

After measuring the square, just cut it down. Or you can try the following method to easily cut the perfect square.

To easily cut the square piece out of a large sheet of paper you can do one thing to cut a perfect square. Just measure one side (30 cm) and fold that into a triangular shape. Further cut the extra piece of sheet. After this, you will get a perfect square.

Step 3: Make Three Folds To This Square

After get that perfect square, fold the square diagonally to get a triangular shape. This is you very first fold. Likewise make two more folds on the same square piece i .e diagonally.

Step 4: Mark Half Circle On Folded Piece Of Square

First of all keep in mind that before marking a semi-circle on the folded piece hold this piece correctly. It means hold it like that all the opening flaps on upper side and closed one on the lower side.

Furthermore, take that three-folded piece and take any circular shaped object to mark a semi-circle on it. Or you can use a compass if you have that.

For the reference you can see the image.

Step 5: Cut The Heart Out Of Folded Square

Next, make a cut through the previously marked semicircle. In addition, after cutting unfold it. Therefore, you will get a clover shaped piece that is a combination of four hearts. Is not it looking cute? Of course it is.

Step 6: Fold Your Clover Shaped Piece Of Paper In Heart

Now it’s time to convert your clover shaped piece of paper into a beautiful heart. This is going to be base for your paper heart card.

Clearly see this clover you will find that there is four hearts which are attached to each others. Out of four two are vertical and two are horizontally aligned, right?

Step 7: Take The Red Pastel Sheet And Trace a Heart On it 

Here I am taking red colored pastel sheet for my heart card. You can take any color of your choice.

After that take previously cut clover and trace a heart shape on red pastel sheet. Look at this cute heart, super easy to draw, right?

Step 8: Cut That Cute Red Heart For Your Paper Heart Card

I am sure that now you are ready with your heart that is marked on red pastel sheet. Now it’s time to cut it. Make a smooth cut through this marked heart.

For this, you just need to focus on the movement of your hand rather than scissors. Similarly, cut one more paper heart out of red sheet.

Now you have one clover shaped base card of white color and two heart shaped cut out of red color.

Step 9: Paste Red Heart pieces on your Base Card

Furthermore, it’s time to paste heart cut outs on the white base cards. Surely do not use hot glue at this step otherwise, you may loose smoothness in your work.

Fist of all apply some glue on the red heart cut outs and spread the glue very well. For this you can use ice cream stick or you can use your finger.

After applying glue on your heart shaped cut outs paste them on clover shaped white base card. Wow it is so easy and cute.

Step 10: Write Your Secret Message On Your Paper Heart Card

Now you have your very own paper heart card except message on it. All you need to do just write that special message and pass to it to your loved once. So it’s time to give it some more personalized touch to it.

As you can see while you open this card there are four hearts then you can write your secret message on each of these heart.

Step 11: Decorate Your Paper Heart Card With Decorative Materials

Finally, you have your paper heart card in your hand now it’s time to decorate it a little more. You can use any type of decorative material which you like. Here i am using some beads to decorate it. You can use small and super easy paper roses for decorating this card.

See, how amazing this paper heart card? Is not it?

I Choose To Make This Paper Heart With Massage: Here’s Why ?

Although there are lots of other techniques for making paper heart card But believe me this one is uncomplicated and quick. With this same technique and some small change you can make heart suit card for your gentleman. You can check it on my another blog post.

With small assistance, even children can make this paper heart card for their father. Also this technique required no expertise. That’s why i personally choose this technique for making handmade card. Surely. you will get an adorable paper heart card.

Why not you plan to give this red paper heart card with a beautiful and purely handmade red paper rose? Is not it a good idea? Yes, I know you just want to say thanks to me for this nice idea.

Which Type Of Paper I Used For My Paper Heart And Why?

There are varieties of papers in the market for different purpose. But for making handmade cards you need a specific thickness in your paper. It should not be too hard one or too flexible. For this you can choose any paper of (65 lbs -80 lbs).

For making base I used a light weight paper i e 65lbs, this makes folds on my base card easy but for the red heart cut outs I used a little heavy one (80 lbs) because it will give a firm look to your card.

10 Common Mistake You Should Avoid While Making A Paper Heart

Whatever type of card you make, a good, crisp fold is essential to achieving a professional-looking result. Now I am going to tell you important points you should keep in mind while making this super cute paper heart with message. What are these? Let’s see.

1. Select the color combination for you card smartly. Here I am choosing red and white you can choose according to your choice.
2. First of all, make all the cut outs ready from paper sheets and the go to the pasting work. It will be less time consuming if you follow this.
3.  Do not use so much glue while pasting cutouts to the card because this will come out when you press for pasting and spoil your card
4. Use medium sized scissors to make easy cut through your card. Because this pastel sheet is little bit hard and it’s very difficult to cut it small scissors.
5. If you are doing this activity with your children, you should be aware while using scissors.
6. Make sure that while pasting cut outs hold it for a while to make it completely dry.
7. Do not use hot glue gun to paste anything on your card. Because it will not give a smooth look to you card.

I hope you enjoyed that how to make a paper heart with message. You must try your hand on this. Surely you will enjoy the outcome. If you have any query, you can easily reach to me.

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