Paper craft heart for father’s day is a wonderful gift idea to make this occasion more special. Surely, you are searching for a stunning heart card idea. Am I right? Yes, now your search has ended here.

This amazing paper heart for father’s day has made with some easy folding techniques and few clever cutting steps. That’s it.

In this blog, I’ll give you a detailed step by step description of every single step so that you can make it without any difficulty.

paper heart craft for father's day

How To Make a paper heart For Father’s Day | Step by Step Tutorial

Father’s Day is an amazing way to cultivate the important relationship between kids and their dad. So let’s this time surprise these gentlemen with a wonderful paper heart.

Although, there are endless ways to make father’s day card but this one is something very catchy and different one.

So, why you are waiting for? Here we go to try this cute and catchy paper craft heart for father’s day.

How to make a paper heart for father's day

What you need to make a paper heart for Father’s Day

To make this paper heart you need very limited craft supplies. Most of the supplies needed are available at your house only. Let see what these are:


You can take any paper of (65 lbs -80 lbs). Paper with this specification is perfect for making cards.

Here I am taking three colored sheets blue, white and orange. You can choose according to your choice of colors.


Take any medium sized scissors for cutting sheets.


A medium sized scale for the measurements.


A dark pencil for mark and draw lines.


Use good quality glue.

Black or Brown Marker:

Take a black or brown color marker.

Any Circular Object:

You can take any circular shaped object to mark a semicircle on our sheets. And instead of this you can use compass if you have that.

Two Small sized Black Buttons:

Take two small sized black buttons. Do not worry if you have not this, you can cut two small circular shapes from white sheet and color them with black marker. Now your black buttons are ready.

Materials needed to make paper heart craft for father's day

15 Easy To Follow Steps To Make A Paper Heart For Father’s Day

Till now I am sure you are ready with all your supplies. I personally love to give and receive greeting cards of course most of you also like the same. But now this time I am helping my children to make this beautiful paper craft heart for father’s day.

Step 1: Take White Sheet of Paper To Prepare a Square Out of it

First of all, take a white sheet. Here I am taking pastel sheet. Secondly, prepare a large square piece out of it. For this measure a square of  30 * 30 cm on this white sheet with the help of scale.

prepare square

Step 2: Cut The Square Out Of White Sheet

After measuring the square, just cut it down. Or you can try the following method to easily cut the perfect square.

To easily cut the square piece out of a large sheet of paper you can do one thing to cut a perfect square. Just measure one side (30 cm) and fold that into a triangular shape. Further cut the extra piece of sheet. After this, you will get a perfect square.

cut the square

Step 3: Make Three Folds To This Square

After get that perfect square, fold the square diagonally to get a triangular shape. This is you very first fold. Likewise make two more folds on the same square piece i .e diagonally.

make three folds to make paper craft heart for father's day

Step 4: Mark Half Circle On Folded Piece Of Square

First of all keep in mind that before marking a semi-circle on the folded piece hold this piece correctly. It means hold it like that all the opening flaps on upper side and closed one on the lower side.

Furthermore, take that three-folded piece and take any circular shaped object to mark a semi-circle on it. Or you can use a compass if you have that.

For the reference you can see the image.

cut the paper heart

Step 5: Cut The Heart Out Of Folded Square

Next, make a cut through the previously marked semicircle. In addition, after cutting unfold it. Therefore, you will get a clover shaped piece that is a combination of four joint hearts. Is not it looking cute? Of course it is.

Step 6: Take The Blue Pastel Sheet And Trace a Heart On it 

Here I am taking blue colored pastel sheet for making suit for my heart. You can take any color of your choice.

After that take previously cut clover and trace a heart shape on blue pastel sheet. Look at this cute heart, super easy to draw, right?

tracing of heart

Step 7: Cut That Smart Blue Suit For Your Paper Heart Card

I am sure that now you are ready with your heart that is marked on blue pastel sheet. Now it’s time to cut it.

Make a smooth cut through this marked heart. For this, you just need to focus on the movement of your hand rather than scissors.

Step 8: Now It’s Time To Pull Over The Coat

After cut that blue heart, make a 6 cm long cut through it. Now you will  get two flaps after cutting. In addition, fold these both flaps in opposite direction as shown in the below image.

For folding both flaps you can use scale, it will be very useful in folding the same. Same like as I did. After that, apply glue on this blue suit. And paste this on your previously cut clover. See how cute it is.

With a little change at this step you can make it for your soul mate for many other occasions, just make some easy roses also with this. I promise, it will surprise your gentleman.

prepare suit for paper craft heart for father's day

Step 9: Prepare Orange Bow For The Your Cool Card

Now this time is to prepare bow for your cute paper heart card. For this take pastel sheet. Here I am taking orange one. You can take according to your choice.

Take a strip 12 * 3 cm out of orange pastel sheet. And fold it into half. Next draw a leaf like outline on it as shown in the image below. Finally cut through this outline. Therefore, you will get your cute little bow.

make a bow for paper craft heart for father's day

Step 10: Paste The Bow Tie To The Card

After preparing this little and pretty bow now its time to paste it on the card. Apply some glue on it. And paste this bow on the card. Hold it for some time while it is drying.

Here I am using a clothespin to hold this bow; you can also use the same to hold it. Therefore, it can completely dry.

paste the bow

Step 11: Tuck The Button

Furthermore, it’s time to tuck these small buttons on the suit (i mean on the card).

Do not worry if you not have these. For this just take two small circles from white pastel sheet and color them black with the help of marker. And you purely handmade buttons are ready.

Just apply a little bit glue over it and paste on the card. Above all, these small buttons give super cute look to your paper craft heart for father’s day.

paste the buttons

Step 12: Final Threaded Detailing

Now Give some detailing to your paper heart card. For this you just need to draw some small lines alongside the boundary of this card.

This trick will give more cool and reality look to your card. Is not it looking more charming?

draw threaded detailing

Step 13: Paste The Pocket To The Coat

Now you are very close to complete your super cool paper craft heart for father’s day. Put one pocket to your card to enhance its charm.

For this just take small rectangular shaped blue paper and triangular shaped orange paper. Next, add some detailing with the help of marker.

Furthermore, apply glue on it and paste it on the card. Finally you are very close to complete it.

paste a pocket on suit to make paper craft heart for father's day

Step 14: Write A Massage For Your Father

Now open you clover and write some quotes on it And some massage also. You can write few lines over here for your father/(kids father).

type a massage on the card for your father

Step 15: Here You Are With Your Very Own Handmade Yet Beautiful Father’s Day Card

Cheers! Now your own handmade father’s day card is ready. Look at this, how charming and super cute it is. I am super excited about it.

With just small changes in color of suit you can make it for your gentleman. And present this with some handmade yet real looking roses.

step by step pictures to make a paper craft heart for father's day

Important Points You Should Keep In Mind While Making A Paper Heart

Now I am going to tell you important points you should keep in mind while making this super cool father’s day craft. What are these? Let’s see.

1. First of all, make all the cut outs ready from paper sheets and the go to the pasting work. It will be less time consuming if you follow this.
2. If you do not have buttons you can make buttons out of paper very easily.
3.  Do not use so much glue while pasting bow and buttons to the card because this will come out when you press for pasting and spoil your card
4. Use medium sized scissors to make easy cut through your card. Because this pastel sheet is little bit hard and it’s very difficult to cut it small scissors.
5. You can use black and white color combination to the suit if you are planning to give it to your husband.
6. Make sure that while pasting buttons and pocket hold it for a while to make it completely dry.
7. Do not use hot glue gun to paste anything on your card. Because it will not give a smooth look to you card.
8. You can use small cute clothespin to tuck it with bow permanently on your card. It will hold your clover shaped card very easily. Also enhance the looks of your card.
9. Instead of paper bow you can use ready-made one if you have it already. 


Why You Should Celebrate Father’s Day With Your Kids

You should celebrate father’s day to develop more enriching relationship between your kids and their father.

More involving father in your kid’s life lead them to the more benefits.

The key benefits for kids are they will acquire better cognitive ability, better life skills, greater success, they will be greater parents and many more. 

Many studies show that  having a involved father is very beneficial not only for the children but also for the whole family.

Certainly, as involved parents you both also have lots of benefits of it. For example you will have a secure relationship, can effectively deal with stress, better sense of understanding and list has many more.

 paper craft heart for father's day

5 Fun Filled Activities To Do with Dad On Father’s Day

The role of the father in a family is the important too. I personally hats off to those fathers who genuinely participate in rising their children. There are lots of fun filled activities you can do with your father on this father’s day. I choose the most enjoyable one among them.

1. Morning Yoga Session:

It will be very fun filled and relaxing activity you can start with entire family. Surely this would be a good initiative to inculcate good yoga habits in your children too.

2. Do Spa At Home:

Another super relaxing also tranquilizes activity for whole family. Home spa is a good choice as an activity it would be very relaxing.

3. Cook Something Tasty:

Cooking together is another interesting and delightful activity you can do with your dad or even whole family can participate in it. Cooking something tasty with whole family is very enjoyable also. Most importantly, children will also enjoy this and feel a sense of responsibility while doing cooking.

4. Create Some Handmade Crafts with Whole Family:

With your family, spend some time while creating something crafty is a good way to increase creativity in children. Duo father and kids surely enjoy this. For example decorate wall beautifully with easy to make giant roses, or making cute vintage roses with old book pages and many more.

5. Virtual Day Trip:

Most Interesting one is the virtual trip. As we all aware about it how risky now a day to go outside. So in this situation Virtual trip is a great option. Surely, you all are going to enjoy this one.

5 Easy To Make Gift Ideas For Kids On Father’s Day

There are so many kids crafts to make on father’s day. I am going to tell you super easy one. So that your child can make it with a little or even without your help.

1. Easy Hand-prints Father’s Day Card:

Kids can easily make this card. They just need to just dip their palm in liquid color and make impression on white paper. And card is ready. Is not is easy. Just add any massage to this card about their dad.

2. Best Dad Award Badge:

With origami sheet kids can easily make best award dad badge for their father. They need to learn just some basic folding techniques.

3. Easy To Make Flower Bouquet:

Small kids with their fingers can make some flower on a paper by just dipping their finger in liquid color and make flower like impression. You can help you child on this.

4. Origami Glasses For Dad:

Children with age group above 8 years can easily make these super easy glasses for their father. Surely, every father loves this.

5. Scribble Card:

This will be a great activity for toddler for their dad. For this you just need some crayons, paper tape and white sheet. Just write DAD on the sheet with white paper tape and give this sheet to your toddler to scribble. After scribbling just remove that paper tape and a super cute father’s day card is ready.

I hope you enjoy this post about paper craft heart for father’s day along with some fun filled activities. I hope this father’s day would be very memorable for you and your family. The most interesting thing you have found in this post is- ?. Yes write this to me. Happy Father’s Day and Happy Crafting!

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