As an artist, I’m always high on life. So, today, I’ll help you learn how to make a simple paper heart.

Making a paper heart is fun, easy and so fascinating. All you need to do is to stay passionate.

paper heart

Learn How To Make A Simple Paper Heart: Easily & Quickly

There are so many ways to make paper heart but today I am going to tell you the easiest and charming one. In this tutorial you need no cutting, no pasting just a square piece of paper, that’s it.

If you are making this paper heart for valentine’s craft then you must see this beautiful paper rose with stem.

“Fold a heart out of paper”- I have uploaded a video for this, And surely, you will love to watch it.

Now I know you are super excited about this tutorial. Right? So without spending any second let’s move to the procedure.

easy paper heart

Materials Needed For Making A Paper Heart

For making this DIY paper heart craft, you can get the required material very easily. Mainly you need some colorful origami sheets. But if you do not have origami sheets right now, you can try this origami paper heart with any kind of paper.

As a DIY paper crafts learner, you need the following material to get started for making this folded paper heart.

Paper: You can take any color origami paper. If you do not have origami then you can take any color paper but it should be very hard.

Here I am taking four colored sheets green, red, pink and orange. You can choose according to your choice of colors.


A medium sized scale for the measurements.


Take any medium sized scissors for cutting square sheets out of rectangular one, If you do not have square sheets.


A dark pencil for mark and draw lines.

materials required to make paper heart

12 Easy To Follow Steps To Make Origami Paper Heart For Beginners:

I personally love to give and receive handmade gifts like this one of course most of you also like the same. But if you are planning to give this to your gentleman on his birthday then you should try this charming heart suit card.

Till now I am sure you are ready with all your supplies. Now Learn how to make an easy paper heart for a gift and you will be adored for it.

Step 1: Take Your Origami Sheet To Prepare a Square

First of all, take a square origami sheet. But if you do not have square sheet, then no worry. Firstly, take the sheet Secondly, prepare a square piece out of it, How? Let’s See.

origami sheets

Step 2: Fold Top Left Corner

I have this sheet with 20 cm breadth so I am going to make a square of size 20 * 20 cm out of this. You can choose the size of square according to you.

For this, first of all fold the upper left corner along the length of the sheet. You can see the image below.

Fold the top right corner

Step 3: Cut The Sheet To Make It Square

After folding the square, further cut the extra piece of sheet. Therefore, you will get a perfect square.

Cut origami sheet to make a squre

Step 4: Hold Your Paper Diagonally And Fold Left Corner To The Right One

Furthermore, hold your square piece of paper diagonally. So that two corners are on the top and the bottom and rest of two are on the left and right side.

square piece of paper

Step 5: Fold Top Corner To Bottom One

After that fold the top corner to the bottom one just like as I did in the below image. Now open it again and you can clearly see the two creases over the paper. One is horizontal and another one is vertical.

Fold the top corner to the bottom one

Step 6: Fold Top Corner To The Central Line

Next, fold the top corner inwardly to the meeting points of those horizontal and vertical folded crease. And then press this fold firmly. You can use scale or an ice cream stick to make this crease a solid one. Right?

fold top corner to the central line

Step 7: Fold Bottom Corner To The Top Edge

Now fold the bottom corner to the upper folded edge. Also make this crease a firm one.

fold bottom corner

Step 8: Fold Bottom Edges along with Central Horizontal line

After folding the bottom corner, you can see a horizontal crease. Right? Now place your finger tip on the middle of the bottom edge and fold left portion of the bottom edge inwardly along that horizontal crease.

Similarly perform this with the right portion of the bottom edge. And now you are very close to complete it. Let’s do that.

Fold side flaps to make paper heart

Step 9: Now Flip This Folded Piece of Paper

Furthermore, flip you cute paper heart. And start folding further. Is not is so easy that even kids can learn easily?

Flip this folded piece of paper

Step 10: Fold Upper Two Corner To The Backward

After Flip, You can see two corners at the top. Furthermore, start folding these corners a little inwardly. Have a look at the below image.

fold top two corner to give it a shape of cute heart

Step 11: Fold Side corners in backward a little

Similarly, now fold left side corner inwardly as you did to the top two corners. Also follow the same with he right side corner. And see the result. Is not it charming?

Fold side corners

Step 12: Beautiful And Easy Paper Heart Is Ready 

And finally, you are with your very own super easy paper heart. I can surely say this if you did it with your kid; you all enjoyed a lot this craft a lot. Am I right?

origami paper heart

See! How Easy Is This Paper Folded Heart For Kids Also

Kids always love almost every types of craft work. Even these craft activities very helpful for their mental health. They feel cheerful while doing arts and crafts.

With small assistance, even children can make this craft for their parents or friends. And most important thing is that, this technique required no expertise. And surely, kids will get an adorable paper craft after trying it.

Why not give it a try if you are planning to make a paper heart card with message along with these super easy paper roses.

how to make a paper heart with step by step instructions

Important Points You Should Keep In Mind While Folding A Heart Out Of Paper:

Whatever type of paper heart  you make, a good, crisp fold is essential to achieving a professional-looking result. Now I am going to tell you important points you should keep in mind while making this super cute paper heart. What are these? Let’s see.

1. First of all, make all the square sheets ready and then go to the folding work. It will be less time consuming if you have to make lots of paper heart for your decoration.
 2. Use medium sized scissors to make easy cut through your sheet.
3. You can use any color combination to these paper heart if you are planning to give it to your husband. Then go for red.
4. You can use bundle of books to press the folds of paper heart nicely. Just put all the folded paper heart under the bundle of books. It will save your time and energy.
5. If you are doing this activity with your children, you should be aware while using scissors.


I hope you enjoy this post about how to make a paper heart. So try this simple paper heart with your family and kids. If you stuck anywhere, you can simply connect with me with the comment below. The most interesting thing you have found in this post is- ?. Yes write this to me. Happy Crafting!

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